The city of our (spiritual) father 

With a primary focus on maternal and child health, Shifa-al-Asqam provides the following services:

Primary Care
Prenatal Care
Obstetrical/Gynecological Services
Pediatric Care
Preventative Care to Mother and Infants
Urgent and Emergency Care
Dental Services
Opthalmologic Services
Nutritional Support and Counseling
Radiology Services
Laboratory Services
On-Site Pharmacy

Shifa-al-Asqam provides treatment for:

Diarrheal Diseases
Chronic Illnesses (Asthma, Diabetes, Hypertension, Anemia)


Shifaa-al-Asqam’s mission is to provide compassionate, comprehensive patient care to meet the medical and social needs of the people of Medina-Kaolack and the surrounding rural communities. The Socio Medical Center is a focal point for health related, disease prevention and treatment, social services and training. AAII has expanded the mission of Shifaa-al-Asqam to include sharing donated medicine, medical supplies and medical equipment locally (15%), regionally (30%), nationally (50%) and internationally (5%) and has established the Shifaa-al-Asqam Satellite Clinic in Kossi-Atlanta.

Doctors volunteered from all over Senegal to assist with providing health screenings on the campus of the African American Islamic Institute in Medina Baye. 

Shifaa al-Islam continues the work of it's co-founder Imam Hassan Cisse by contributing to the total development of humanity. 

One of the ways is by providing free healthcare assistance to Quran and Arabic school students here in Medina Baye through programs like our Free Clinic Day. 

​Our last Free Clinic Day served over 1,000 students from the community with free checkups and consultations as well as free prescribed medicine for sick children. 

Sayda Kubra Askari Cisse

Shifaa al-Islam is always looking for skilled medical professionals and recent graduates to volunteer and contribute to the expansion of our facilities. In addition we are also seeking partnerships with medical facilities and surpluses in the diaspora who can donate equipment, training materials and resources. If you would like to get involved please contact us below. 

Kubra Askari is from Atlanta GA USA and spent much of her childhood in Medina Baye studying Quran under the late Imam Hassan Cisse. She completely memorized Quran becoming Hafiza as a teenager. 

Kubra is the daughter of Dr. Khadijah Askari  who co-founded Clinic Shifa Al Asqam with Imam Hassan Cisse in the early 90's. Today Kubra is married to Shaykh Muhammad Mahy Cisse and she serves as director of the AAII Preschool as well as a new contributing organizer for Shifa Al Asqam. 

AAII health initiatives that continue to have a significant impact on the quality of life of women and children include leadership in educating the population and the government of Senegal about the human rights and health violations of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and the campaign to educate the population about the benefits of breastfeeding. As a result of AAII’s pro-active leadership around these important issues, the Senegalese government passed legislation that outlaws FGM, and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) recognized Shifaa-al-Asqam as a “Baby Friendly Hospital”.

AAII’s Shifaa-al-Asqam Socio Medical Center is the first health care facility in Senegal to receive this prestigious designation in recognition of the education and psychological support it provides new mothers to breastfeed and its refusal to accept the donations of manufacturers of prepared infant formula.



Shifa Al Asqam is always looking for new experienced team members and volunteers to help service patients in Medina Baye. If you are trained in medical and would like to join our volunteer program, please click the link and fill out an application. Thanks!

Clinic Shifa Al-Asqam

Servicing Medina Baye and sorrounding areas our clinic offers medical assistance to patients suffering from Malaria, Diabetes, minor injuries and even boasts a fully functional maternity ward staffed with experienced mid-wives and well educated doctors. Founded by Hajja Khadijah Askari-Cisse, former wife of Shaykh Hassan Cisse, Shifa Al-Asqam also carries a surplus of American medicines in it's pharmacy stock by our partners at Ameri-Cares.