The city of our (spiritual) father 

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The KEEP MEDINA CLEAN program is a zero waste initiative that aims to maintain cleanliness in Medina Baye. Organized and implemented by local youth the program works to rid the city of excessive waste, encourage recycling and educate students about the importance of proper sanitation and waste management. Learn more about KEEP MEDINA CLEAN and how you can get involved click here! 

Hon. Chairman Imam Shaykh Cisse

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Working hands on to make a difference in the lives of the students, families and guests of Medina Baye. Organizing grassroots cleaning efforts, partnering with local businesses and associations, mentoring local students and even providing free or low cost English classes to local residents. 

Our goal is to directly assist as much as possible in the city particularly with the development of more updated accommodations and to help offset the  rising cost of maintenance on existing facilities. In addition our goal is to act as an ambassador to English travelers looking to visit or relocate to the city of our spiritual father. 

With a focus on clear English speaking media we plan to produce full length documentaries, television and web series, online print media, photo journalism accounts, news broadcasts as well as extensive social media coverage to encourage ongoing public interaction.

Project Development

Community Service

Clear English Media


RJ Mahdi is an American former student of the African American Islamic Institute and a dedicated philanthropist. With over 10 years of professional experience in media, marketing and travel management brother Mahdi has relocated his family to Medina Baye in order to help advance the Faydah Tijani.

"My elders did a great job of contributing to Medina Baye over the past 30+ years. Now I've chosen to carry on their legacy." -RJ Mahdi



As students and alumni of the institutions of Medina Baye our mission is to increase global awareness and understanding of the Tariqqa Tijani by creating clear and professional quality media projects to display the beauty of the city and it's leaders. In addition our goal is to advance the Tariqqa and the Islamic Ummah by generating funds for the development and expansion of current projects to accommodate more students and international guests.  Lastly we plan to develop a concise, streamlined, arrangement assistance program to simplify the travel process for our visitors.‚Äč

The "I AM MEDINA BAYE" Project