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Keep Medina Clean: Mosque Cleaning

Saifu from Gambia reports from the Grande Mosque Medina Baye as dozens of residents work together to wash the grounds during today's citywide clean up (Sett Settal). #IamMedinaBaye #KeepMedinaClean

Posted by Medina Baye on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

- Weekly Street Cleaning

​- Collection of Plastics for Recycling

​- Construction of Brick Immobile Trash Cans

​- Regular Pick-Up Drivers

​- Educational Signage and Youth Events​​

We need your help to purchase important materials to fully accomplish our goal. Anything you can contribute to our efforts would be deeply appreciated. Click the link below and donate via our GoFundMe page or send free of fees directly to our Paypal email IamMedinaBaye@Gmail.com

Operation Up­Cycle Is a zero waste initiative created for the Kaolack region. This project was designed to empower youth and encourage the reuse of plastics in order to create beneficial products for the city which will reduce, if not eliminate plastic waste in the area. Our goal is to create a comfortable and clean environment for residents and visitors and to transition consumers and local shops from throwaway plastic bags to usage of reusable plastic bags. In addition we seek to educate the youth via fun classroom engagements on the importance of keeping the earth clean and encouraging them to express their creativity and be innovative leaders while contributing positively to the environment. 

In the interest of cleanliness and to better display the way of our Prophet (SAW) we, at the I AM MEDINA BAYE Project, are developing sustainable solutions to the ongoing sanitation problems in and around Medina Baye and eventually the greater Kaolack area. We are working collectively with local associations to conduct extensive cleaning efforts to rid the streets of garbage, trash and other waste. In addition we are enacting programs to reduce, reuse and recycle materials such as plastic bags, paper and other materials. Our efforts aim to provide a more healthy and desirable environment for Medina Baye’s worshippers and residents.  

Our Initiative To Keep Medina Baye Clean

Here students from the African American Islamic Institute wash, sew and attach fabrics to collected water bags in order to create reusable tote bags!


Our Efforts Include:

Saifu from Gambia reports from the Grande Mosque Medina Baye as dozens of residents work together to wash the grounds during our citywide clean up (Sett Settal). ‪#‎IamMedinaBaye‬ ‪#‎KeepMedinaClean‬

Please donate generously to this project as we are in need of additional materials to make the Upcycle program run better and eventually expand to include more students and cover areas of greater Kaolack

In addition to our youth program and with the assistance of donor funding we have also been able to hire local tailors to assist in the production of additional tote bags that retailers will be able to sell around Medina Baye helping to make the program sustainable.