The city of our (spiritual) father 

Episode 9 

In this Special Extended Episode we hear from 2 Americans, one an Alumni of AAII and the other a 1st time visitor, who came together to spread wealth and assistance to the needy families in Medina Baye!!

Episode 8

Nia is the American sister in-law of Shaykh Mahy Cisse and has been coming to Medina Baye for years. In this episode she explains her early influences of Imam Hassan and what its like being a single woman in the city of our spiritual father!

Episode 7

Aisha is an American former student of the AAII Medina Baye and returns to Senegal for the Gamou/Mawlid 2015 celebration in the spiritual city. She talks about the influence Medina Baye has had on her and how she plans to give back in the future.


Episode 6

Episode 5

Episode 4

Episode 3

Episode 2

Episode 1

This special edition of I AM MEDINA BAYE takes you on a video tour through the city of our spiritual father to enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of the Gamou/Mawlid in Medina Baye!!January 1st-3rd 2015

Daouda is an American student of AAII who's parents are both from Senegal near Medina. He returns to Africa as a young adult to learn from the Shaykhs of Tijanniyya. Here his story and why there's no place like Medina Baye!!

Naimah is a student from New York who found more than she expected in Medina Baye. The love she found brought two international families together in the City of our Spiritual Father!

Sulaimon Diouf is a Senegalese teacher at the African American Islamic Institute in Medina Baye. A long time mureed of the Tariqqa Tijani he now works to build literacy and oversees boarding school operations for the world renown Islamic academy.

Ibrahim is an American student of the African American Islamic Institute in Medina Baye. Not only did Senegal bring him to join Islam but also to the Tariqqa Tijaniyya. Hear more about his spiritual journey here!

In the Season Premier of #IamMedinaBaye Muhammad is a barber and stylist with a shop just steps away from the Grand Mosque Medina Baye. Although originally from Nigeria he talks about how the warm love and strong spirituality of Medina Baye made him feel right at home.

In this episode Sarah and Hajjra are American sisters studying Quran and Arabic in Medina Baye. The young ladies explain the differences from back home and how they have been personally affected.


The "I AM MEDINA BAYE" Mini Docu-Series