The city of our (spiritual) father 

Shaykh Muhammadou Mahy Cisse leading Jumah prayer at the Grande Mosque Medina Baye  Friday February 20th 2015

Shaykh Mahy travels by canoe to distant island of Diamniado off the coast of Senegal for a conference. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and sounds of the zikrs in this recap of the amazing journey! 

Shaykh Mouhammadou Mahy Cisse

Shaykh Mouhammadou Mahy Cisse, BA, MA, Azhar University, is the grandson of Shaykh Ibrahim Niass and the youngest of 3 sons by Niass's eldest daughter Fatima Zara and his Khalifah Saydi Aliou Cisse. Shaykh Mahy is AAII’s Vice President  and  International Islamic Schools’  Director of Studies.  His leadership in curriculum development and faculty accountability combine modern educational principles with a traditional approach. In addition to his role as the Program’s chief administrator, Shaykh Mouhammad Mahy Cisse provides students with both academic and spiritual guidance in their journey toward an ethical and successful life.