Roku TV Devices

Closed Circuit TV Systems

Electronic Shavers

High Quality Barber Equip

Flat Irons & Curlers

Stereo / DJ Equipment

Radio / TV Equipment

Production Softwares

HTML / Flash Softwares

Portable DVD Players

GPS Travel Devices w/ Wifi

Electronic Nail Filers

Home Solar Equipment

Walkie Talkies

Wifi Routers / Modems

Video Game Consoles

Power Strips 

Surge Protectors

Any Apple Products



Smart Phones

Digital Cameras

Solar Chargers

16+ Gig SD Cards

External Hard Drives

Electronic/Technology Supplies

English Dictionaries​



English Translated Qurans

Heavy Duty Laptops

Heavy Duty Desktops

Heavy Duty Tablets

Pocket Folders

​Art Supplies

Dry Erase Boards and Markers

Overhead Projectors

English Calenders

White Out

Manilla Folders w/ Cases

Desk Trays

Paper Clips / Staples


​Sticky Notes

Spiral/Composition Notebooks




English Grammar Workbooks

Flash Cards

Educational Computer Games

​English Books (for all ages)

School Supplies

Batteries (All Sizes)


​Food Processors


Mini Ovens

Toaster Ovens

Forman Grills

​Nail Grooming Kits

Basic Supplies

* DISCLAIMER: The above list is simply made up of items we feel can be of use here. Please be sure to follow all local, national and international laws and codes governing the importing of these and any other items. Motor Vehicles and large amounts of some foods and electronics require Customs approval from both the country of origin and destination. You are responsible for any import taxes, port fees, shipping rates and cargo bills that apply. Please contact your country's custom department, port authorities and Transportation Security Agency for more information on acceptable items to ship and/or travel with. 

​4 Wheel Drive SUVs

​All Terrain Vehicles (ATV)

Pick-Ups / Work Trucks

Dirt Bikes

Ride-In Lawn Mowers


​Golf Carts

​RVs / Campers

Vehicles / Motorized Supplies

Sporting Equipment

Electric Hand-Fans

​Potty Training Pull Ups

When planning a trip to Medina Baye there are some items you can pack to make your stay more comfortable and convenient. When planning to relocate, there are some things some of us cant live without. Some of these items are sold here but may be a bit overpriced due to the lack of demand from the locals. Other items listed here are specifically asked for as donation items for our local programs and institutions. Many of the items listed are great import opportunities for those looking to invest in one or more local businesses. Please bring what you can according to your luggage space and personal needs. 

Travel Items

Pedi Spas

Garbage Bags

Ziplock Freezer Bags

Water Purifiers

Mosquito Nets

​Desired Hair Supplies

Feminine Care Items

​Hand Sanitizers

Based on Clinic Shifa Al-Asqam's Donation Wishlist

Children's Fever Reducers


Pepto Bismol

Chewable Multi-Vitamins


Calamine Lotion


Asthma Inhalers

​Nasal Allergy Sprays

Medical Supplies

Based on the African American Islamic Institute's Donation Wishlist


The city of our (spiritual) father 

​Eye Drops Solutions

Blood Test Kits


Destist Equipment

Optomology Equipment


IV Bags

Medical Admin Software

Bed Charts

​​Physical Therapy Equipment

Elliptical Machines

Electric Heart Monitors

Blood Pressure Machines

Xray Machines


​Weight Scales