Adult Educational Exchange & Volunteer Program

Quran & Boarding School

If you would like to apply for enrollment into the Volunteer Study Program please fill out the following application and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

Med school students, new graduates and experienced medical professionals are invited to volunteer onsite at  our local health facility in Medina Baye. Volunteers will work with staff to upgrade programs and improve services.

Work side by side with our doctors, nurses and pharmacy staff to understand the challenges of our institutions and contribute your expertise for positive development. Learn more here. 

Take on the task of mentoring young adult professionals and students looking to improve their career experience.

Participate as an English teacher, give career advice and workshops and contribute to local community service projects and leadership programs. 

If you have questions about enrollment and programs contact us below. 

Youth Mentorship & Professional Development


University students from Yale, Spelman, Morehouse, Howard and others listening to a lecture on the Islamic influence on ancient African kingdoms at AAII's new dormhouse.

Medical Assisting 

Broadcast Media

Those with experience in film, radio, audio/visual engineering, photography and journalism are invited to participate in the growing media community in Medina Baye. 

Work with our radio and news media partners to innovate local strategies, upgrade equipments and generate international viewership. Projects include from small photo and video to full length documentaries and social campaigns. 

Group Tours, Workshops & Lectures

In partnership with the African American Islamic Institute, I AM MEDINA BAYE introduces the “Study & Serve Abroad” Program to allow American university students or recent graduates the opportunity to volunteer in their desired field in a richly historical, spiritual and rewarding environment while advancing their education.

Participants will take accelerated classes in Arabic language, Islamic Studies, African Culture and learn from internationally recognized scholars in the highly sought after, West African community.

Our facilities host study exchanges, adult Arabic and Islamic studies classes, guests lecturers as well as special conferences and workshops.

We welcome groups from schools and universities abroad to our campus for these kinds of special events. If you are a Professor or member of a school administration that would like to bring your students to learn, study and/or tour in Medina Baye please contact us here. 

Volunteer onsite at our internationally recognized Islamic schools and contribute to the education of thousands of young students.  

Work side by side with teachers and staff to organize activities for international students and participate in efforts to raise funds and resources for the expansion of facilities and programs. 


The city of our (spiritual) father